I want it my way!

Posted on January 04, 2019

I've been meaning to create a blog for awhile (years), because more and more I'm finding that contributing to others, in whatever form that takes, is a really rewarding thing to do, and makes me feel connected. But I've been putting it off, because I… Read more

Ideas for discovering what's true

Posted on December 21, 2018

How can human beings discover what's true for them? Some ideas: Be vulnerable and open with others. Practice doing the uncomfortable or scary thing. Try things 'you' wouldn't do to see your edges. Go to a diverse set of workshops and work hard… Read more

An enigmatic first post

Posted on December 19, 2018

It's very important to me that human beings discover what's true for them. And that we create a world where we can empower one another to do that. We spend our lives mired in assumptions. We may not think it, but the way we live is so fixed and… Read more