Welcome to Not Thinkable

In written form

Welcome to Not Thinkable. I'm going to try to sum up this website into a short video. I'm probably going to fail... but I'll do my best at it.

So what is Not Thinkable about?

Fundamentally it's possible to completely change your experience of reality, the way you experience yourself, the way you experience the world, the feelings you feel on a day to day basis, the relationships you have with yourself and with others...

So we don't tend to think of these things, often, as things that change, or when we do, we think of these things, they change.. but not a step change.

Small changes... you may make your life 5% better. You may change some things about your life and get an incremental improvement. But we don't tend to think of 10, 100, 1000X improvement in our experience of life, and certainly not if we don't change our circumstances.

But here we're about changing our experience to such a degree, that even though our circumstances are the same, our experience is incredibly fulfilling, connected, real, and authentic.

Fundamentally I believe there's a few keys to this, to having such a step change in your experience. And by your experience, I just mean the experience you're having right now.

One is to fully own your own vulnerability. To get to a place where you can just be completely open, and let go and share your shame and your fear. Whatever that is, whatever form that takes. To get to a place where you're no longer held back by those things. To where you can be open about those things and share them with others.

Another key to this is to be very very curious about this experience that we're having right now, and to not take it for granted or to assume things about it.

So the Zen saying of Empty Your Cup, comes to mind here. We recognise we have many beliefs about the world, and this is a question of, can we identity our own beliefs, and let some of them go, so we can open to radical new possibilities, like having in a big change in our experience.

Another key principle is vision. So often, we don't have a big, inspiring vision for our lives, because our self image limits that. So if you imagine yourself doing amazing things, and being a certain way that's inspiring to other people... that is going to push up against your sense of identity. Your current sense of self and sense of identity. It's going to be (probably) constricted by that. So here we're all about learning how to overcome that and create an inspiring vision for ourselves and for the people around us.

And another key principle is contribution, so coming from a place of service. Now, if you're anything like me, the majority of your thought is about yourself. It's not about other people. Other people enter into your thinking, but peripherally, and always in relationship to you and when it's of value to you... And not in a sinister way, but if we're honest with ourselves, we can see that's true. Most of our thought is self concerned. We're the centre of our own universes. So another key here is to come from a place of service, come from a place of contribution, and to learn to connect with other people, and really be with them in their worlds, as they are, and be of service to them in some way that's authentic to us, that aligns with our vision.

And I would put to you that a human being that can embody these things will have a very different experience.

So that's what Not Thinkable's about. Various initiatives from different directions, partly just given my background. So I've been a software engineer, a coach, very into personal development, very into mindfulness and meditation, for many years. And these different perspectives you'll see show up on Not Thinkable in different ways. And the different initiatives that are created from this Not Thinkable umbrella are to serve this wider goal of helping to connect the world and radically shift people's experience of reality and their experience of themselves.

And I think that given the state of the world, given how disconnected the world is... I can tell you that I deeply care about connection, and I want the world to be an authentic, open, transparent, vulnerable, courageous, connected, and visionary place, and that can only happen through education on what's possible, and through training ourselves to be those ways. And so that's what this website is about.

I hope that it serves you in some way. And thank you for listening.

Take care.

About me

I’m Nick.

I have a deep fascination with minds, and the very real possibility for transformation in human beings. For what’s felt like the longest time I’ve been connecting the dots, looking for ‘what I was put here to do’, and now I've found it. It's this.

I love empowering others to become more conscious of themselves. It lights me up to even think about it. When I tell people about my story, I get emotional, because I know what’s possible. The truth is, I got very very lucky, and yet this luck doesn’t take anything away from how hard I’ve worked. I met the right people, at the right time for me, had the right experiences, learned how to be vulnerable with my shame and open about my past.

I've spent months in the Twitter offices in Piccadilly after hours breaking down what makes someone a superhero. I've coached my peers at one of the fastest growing healthtech startups in the world. I've become someone who can inspire others with my vulnerability and my presence, and also someone who accepts that I sometimes fail at that, and that’s ok too.

I’ve workshopped my arse off, meditated in silence, and in diads, and solo. I've done consciousness work in a Texas dojo. I’m a mentor in applied rationality. I’ve done the Forum, Advanced Course, and the SELP. I’ve had therapy and coaching and mentoring and everything in between. And I still have a long long way to go, but I've learned to love that.

If you’re reading this, then know that you’re infinite potential, an ever-growing and expanding consciousness and living presence, a self actualising human being. And that you're loved. Welcome.

It doesn’t matter where you’re at: whether you’re discovering and creating a vision of what matters to you, or whether you have no idea what that looks like yet. Whether you’re in a transition, or you want to make that change, transform that relationship, create that masterpiece, make that contribution, or whether you just have a suspicion that life could be more somehow, but you don't what that means, or how to reach it.

I welcome all of the above, and more.