I’m Nick.

I have a deep fascination with minds, and the very real possibility for transformation in human beings. For what’s felt like the longest time I’ve been connecting the dots, looking for ‘what I was put here to do’, and coaching is a homecoming for me.

I love empowering others to become more conscious of themselves. It lights me up to even think about it. When I tell people about my story, I get emotional, because I know what’s possible. The truth is, I got very very lucky, and yet this luck doesn’t take anything away from how hard I’ve worked. I met the right people, at the right time for me, had the right experiences, learned how to be vulnerable with my shame and open about my past. I've spent months in the Twitter offices in Piccadilly after hours breaking down what makes someone a superhero. I've coached my peers at one of the fastest growing healthtech startups in the world. I've become someone who can light up a room with my energy, and become someone who accepts that I can’t always do that, and that’s ok too. I’ve workshopped my ass off, meditated in silence, and in diads, and solo. I've trained in conscious martial arts in a Texas dojo. I’m a mentor in applied rationality. I’m a forum and advanced course graduate. I’ve had therapy and coaching and mentoring and everything in between. I’ve learned and lived and loved.

If you’re reading this, I already love you. I mean it. To me you’re infinite potential, an ever-growing and expanding consciousness and living presence, a self actualising human being. It doesn’t matter where you’re at: whether you’re discovering and creating a vision of what matters to you, or whether you have no idea what that looks like yet. Whether you’re in a transition, or you want to make that change, transform that relationship, create that masterpiece, make that contribution, or whether you just have a suspicion that life could be more somehow, but you don't what that means, or how to reach it. I welcome all of the above, and more.

I'm offering 1-1 coaching sessions, and since you're here, I'd love nothing more than for you to experience a discovery session, free of charge.