An Introduction

It's very important to me that human beings discover what's true for them. And that we create a world where we can empower one another to do that.

We spend our lives mired in assumptions. We may not think it, but the way we live is so fixed and static, for the most part. How many times in the past month have you experienced something extraordinary? Where you've gone beyond your comfort zone, and learned something new about yourself?

I suspect people underestimate how much a lived human experience can vary. With no 'reference experiences', or possibilities present for us about how things could be different, and with a strong incentive to remain as we are (ignorance of what we are, and what life is, yet still needing to survive)--we don't even look. We just carry on through life, doing the ordinary thing.

This blog is not about doing the ordinary thing. In my own life, I'm more and more tending towards possibility, and to 'out-of-the-ordinary'. I suspect through action this trend will continue, although I don't know and can't. Now knowing is part of the game. You have to open up to something that you don't know, that you haven't experienced yet, for new possibilities to exist at all.