Ideas for discovering what's true

How can human beings discover what's true for them?

Not an exhaustive list, but a starting point. Some ideas:

  • Be vulnerable with others
  • Be open, as a practice
  • Practice doing the uncomfortable or scary thing.
  • Try things 'you' wouldn't do to see your edges.
  • Go to a diverse set of workshops and work hard.
  • Explore a diverse range of perspectives. Contrast them.
  • Be coached.
  • Make a commitment to personal development.
  • Make a commitment to meditation and self enquiry.
  • Introspect your beliefs.
  • Observe your sensory experience.
  • Practice stepping out of your current frame of reference.
  • Study with a view to transform who you're being and to expand your perceptions.
  • Create relationships with others who can be ways you can't be yet.
  • Explore your past.
  • Get clear about who you are, and ask yourself what you really want.

And finally I'd ask yourself: What are your assumptions? What are you avoiding looking at? What are you not seeing?

I hope you will find this blog useful in discovering yourself.